In-Person VE testing

Brackett Field Airport in La Verne


GOTAhams is pleased to sponsor in-person license testing each month in the Pilots Lounge within the main terminal building at Brackett Field Airport in La Verne along with Frank Westphal’s team of ARRL-VEC examiners.  Tests are held on the last Saturday of every month at 1PM except for December (due to the holidays).  Follow the signs to the “Norms Hangar” coffee shop located in the same building but turn left just past the gift shop as you enter the terminal.  (MAP BELOW).

Walk-Ins are welcome but you are strongly advised to contact Frank in advance in order to assure that you have everything you need and that the team will be expecting you.  You can contact Frank Westphal at 909-257-7205 or at K6FW@ARRL.NET


Please arrive on time.  Please review the information on what to bring/what not to bring at the ARRL website: or the checklist below.


  • First time candidates – Obtain and BRING an FCC FRN number before appearing for your test – it is required.  FRN numbers for new applicants can be obtained by registering on the FCC website.  
  • For those upgrading or renewing, BRING your existing FRN number.  No exam can be administered or application processed without an FRN.  Social Security numbers are no longer accepted.  Keep your FCC login information and password in a safe place.
  • All:  Bring Photo ID or alternatives:  ONE OF THESE: (State drivers license, government issued passport, military or law enforcement photo ID card, Student school PHOTO ID card, State issued photo ID card), OR, TWO OF THESE: (Non photo state ID card, birth certificate with seal, social security card, employers wage statement or minor’s work permit, school ID card without photo, school or public library card, utility bill or bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person and is addressed to the person at his/her current mailing address as used on FCC form 605).  Students/minors without a photo ID only need to bring one of the previous items if a legal guardian presents THEIR photo ID.
  • All:  Bring $15 in cash-preferred (or, if you must, a check payable to FRANK WESTPHAL).  The fee is reduced to $5 for those under 18.  This fee is forwarded to the ARRL VEC. It is collected whether or not you pass the exam.  If you choose to re-take the exam on the same day then a second fee is collected.
  • All:  Bring a copy of any current ham license.
  • All:  Bring a photocopy of any expired license for which credit is requested (expired license photocopy will NOT be returned). 
  • All: Bring the ORIGINAL PLUS A PHOTOCOPY (CSCE photocopy will NOT be returned) of any CSCE credits from previous exams for which you are requesting element credit.  We must also see the ORIGINAL.  CSCE’s must have been issued within past 365 days.
  • All:  Bring the same email address that you use/registered with the FCC so they can notify you, bill any fees, etc. as required to complete the processing of your application.  Use an email address that you plan to keep long term so that the FCC can reach you regarding renewals, etc.  
  • All:  Bring pencils, eraser and a pen.  Bring a calculator if you feel you need one.  Programmable calculators must be fully erased and memories in all calculators cleared.  You may NOT use a phone, tablet, etc. as a calculator. Phones must be off and put away.  You may NOT use notes.
  • Those under 18 may be accompanied into the exam room by an adult.   For those requesting accommodation of special needs, please contact us ahead of the test and we will do our best.  We do NOT have a photo-copier at the test site, so bring needed copies with you.


  • If you pass your test and are billed $35 dollars by the FCC (New licenses, renewals, vanity calls, rule waivers, etc.). YOU MUST PAY the FCC WITHIN 10 DAYS or your application is dismissed.  If that happens to you may contact the ARRL VEC to begin the process of re-submitting your application.  Of late, the FCC has generally emailed the link to collect this fee within a couple days of the exam – watch your SPAM folder also.  At this time the FCC does not bill for license upgrades, change of name, change of address or change of email address.   All of this subject to conditions at the FCC.  Exam results are submitted electronically via the ARRL VEC and the FCC response us usually rapid.  Upgrades are often posted on the FCC site by the Tuesday after the exam and for new licenses the notices of the $35 fee due are usually emailed by the FCC by about the same time.  New licenses are often issued within 24-48 hours of the fee being paid by credit card.  Time may vary with conditions at the FCC, holidays, etc. and is not under the control of the VE team.  But do watch your inbox AND your SPAM/JUNK folders for any notices from the FCC and respond promptly.
  • The FCC reports problems with their website for fees paid from smart phones and tablets. We strongly recommend you use a computer for online payments.  The FCC has reported problems when applicants use smart phones or tablets.  Of late, for those processed by our sessions and who pay the FCC quickly online, the FCC has been very prompt in issuing ‘bills’ and in responding with completed licenses and initial call signs.
  • The ARRL may reimburse the $35 fee for new applicants that are under 18 years of age for exams administered by the ARRL VEC.  Please review this website for details of the procedure:  ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program
  • Do not file amendments to applications submitted on your behalf by a VEC. If there is a problem, contact the ARRL-VEC and have them help with the amendment.  (The VEC for the Bracket Field test sessions is the ARRL VEC). 
  • Information and applications for joining GOTAhams are usually available at the exam session.  After you receive your call sign we encourage you to set up a free account (at least) at, edit your profile/biography if desired and ADD an email address so that your fellow hams can reach you with helpful messages.