IRLP monitor

the WG6OTA repeater system employs a “Micro-Node” Echo-IRLP node, these devices allow the remote administration but also include remote monitoring of the hilltop IRLP activity. simply click on the links below to view the Node in real time.

Our particular node is the original version of Micro-Node, prior to the proliferation of Single card computer driven linking, Micro-Nodes utilized an intel ITX board. Yes, they use more power, Yes, they create more heat. the latest version of Micro-Nodes ECHO / IRLP Nano-Node does take advantage of single card computing technology and includes a “Pi-Hat” transceiver allowing both repeater/radio connectivity and R/F node portability.

For those wanting to connect to the WG6OTA repeater via IRLP we are connected to the 9660 “Reflectors” channel 5, with your IRLP node simply request connection to node 9665.