Join GOTAhams Zoom Video Conferences

Since late 2019/2020 GOTAhams has made increasing use of video conference tools from ZOOM.  For example, our monthly membership meetings are usually a hybrid combination of the in-person meeting at a local restaurant combined with online Zoom participation for those that cannot make it.  (and yes, we put A/V equipment in the restaurant so all are connected).  We also use Zoom for board meetings or other organizational meetings and we maintain a zoom based chat room for members to socialize in on demand.

For the chat room and for club meetings Club Members receive an email invitation with a link. All you should need to do is click on that link and follow the instructions.   A link to a tutorial video from Zoom is posted below.  Here are a few pointers:

1. Particularly if doing this for the first time, do it a bit early so you have time for any software installation. Consider experimenting by joining the zoom chat room, usually having activity during the 30-40 minutes ahead of the nightly net.  This allows you to test your internet connection, camera, sound, etc.

2. PLEASE make sure your call sign and first name (or full name if you lack a call sign) is shown on the the ID label for yourself.  We only allow club members and invited guests into our club meetings to prevent interference and we cannot admit you to the meeting if your name is clear – and we probably won’t admit “Zog the Magnificent”  even if its really YOU!    You will first be in a ‘waiting room’ until the call hosts admit you to the main event.  Please be patient and extra-patient if you arrive late as the hosts are probably more focused upon the meeting activity than the waiting room.

3. It costs you nothing.  It does require an internet connection with decent bandwidth.

The video below from ZOOM provides a nice introduction for first time attendees. There are more advanced tutorials available from ZOOM if you want to create your own account and hold your own meetings.