Local Band Plans, Repeaters, Simplex Freqs.

GOTAhams Local Band Plans, Repeaters and Simplex Frequencies

GOTAHams members range from roughly Lancaster to South Orange County and from Redlands to the Pacific coast. With that in mind, the attached bandplan summarizes popular allocated simplex frequencies for the 144, 222, and 440 Mhz bands as well as some of the most popular repeaters.  The repeater list is far from exhaustive as we live in a repeater rich environment. Rather than try to list them all, we’ve provided a few as starting points and assume that you will add others that you find interesting.  

Online and mobile applications from Repeater Book and RFinder are useful ways to discover useful local repeaters.

If you transition to an area outside the Southern California region coordinated by TASMA, 220SMA and SCRRBA then completely different band plans will apply.  Even channel spacing may vary.

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