What is a Solar Generator?

We have all seen, built or bought a “Portable Power box” to power our Radios in the field. Some of us have added small DC to AC inverters to power our laptops, many have USB ports for charging our “mobile devices”. We have even added Solar Panels and charge controllers. What if someone built a ready made purpose built device that had all this built in? Take a look at some devices that have been coined “Solar Generators”:

This list could be nearly endless, these are designed and marketed Small to Large to Very Large. They can power a picnic in the park, an overnight camping trip, a weekend outing, some large enough to power your home during a power outage. Nearly all of them incorporate Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries making the charge (recovery time) very fast and with built in Solar charge controllers and Battery Management Systems (BMS’s) they are safe and mostly self sufficient, No Fuel involved but could be charged from a vehicle if the sun is not cooperating?. You decide the loads you need to support but remember, more power, more weight. You still need to move and possibly lift this unit.

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