Simple Membership Renewal

If ALL of the statements below and apply to your membership renewal then you can use the following simple method to renew your GOTAhams Membership for the new year.   Remember that those who joined the club ON OR AFTER September 1 of a given year are automatically renewed for through the following year.  All club memberships are valid for a particular calendar year and through the renewal grace period that ends on March 31st of the following year.  Memberships not renewed before March 31st are cancelled and members must re-join using a membership application.  Please contact Club Treasurer Jack Sklar with any questions at    Use the process on this page if ALL of the following are true:

  • I am an existing member listed on the membership list periodically circulated via email who is not shown as already renewed on that list.
  • I am not covered by a family plan (or higher level) membership held by a family member other than myself (in such cases then that person should submit the renewal).
  • I am making no change to any of my contact information (Phone number, email address, or mailing address).
  • I am not reporting any change to my call sign or ARRL membership status.
  • I did not turn 18 recently and thereby become eligible to vote in club elections.  You can contact us to verify whether we are already aware of your change in status.
  • I am not adding or deleting new family members (or changing their contact info) to a family membership or Silver/Gold/Platinum membership.

For new memberships and/or if any of the above are NOT true than please complete a full regular membership application on the Join Club or Add Family Members page in order to supply the updated information and do not use the process below.

Please note that GOTAhams is a social club and is not a 501(c)3, therefore dues and contributions are NOT tax deductible.  Your dues payment represents acknowledgement that you continue to accept the terms of the Hold Harmless agreement that you signed previously.

IF ALL THE ABOVE ARE TRUE then all you need to do is either of:

1. If you are an existing member who is under 18 years old or is a full time student at an accredited institution, please send us an email with confirming details. No dues are charged and your membership will be renewed for the new year.  Include your call sign (if any) and name.     Send the email to GOTAhams Treasurer Jack Sklar at:

2. For all others, send renewal payment by one of these two means:

A) By Check and USPS Mail:    send payment INCLUDING YOUR CALL SIGN (in the Paypal notes or on your check).  Payment can be made by emailing a check payable to GOTAHams.  The amount of the check should be $20 for Individual membership renewal, $30 for Family membership renewal.    The club always welcomes additional donations to help support operations and these membership levels convey the same priviliges as a Family membership (or Individual):   $50 for Silver membership renewal, $100 for Gold membership renewal or $250 for Platinum Membership renewal.  Mail checks to:


PO Box 1583

Chino, CA 91708-1583

B) Online Via Credit Card or PayPal Account:   A PayPal account is not mandatory – a debit or credit card is sufficient and PayPal will process the payment to GOTAhams).  To use this method please select and press the appropriate oval button below and follow the instructions.

  • The oval button will place the appropriate dues payment in your ‘shopping cart’. 
  • Then press the PayPal button that appears to complete your transaction. 
  • A Paypal login will appear and you can choose to either log-in to your existing PayPal account or to pay via Debit or Credit Card.  Make the appropriate choice and continue.  Depending on the choice you made you will either log in to your PayPal account or enter your Debit/Credit card info.   PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND CALL SIGN (IF ANY) IN THE “ORDER NOTES” FIELD BEFORE PRESSING THE FINAL “PLACE ORDER” BUTTON SO THAT WE ARE SURE TO CREDIT THE CORRECT MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL.  YOU CAN ALSO PLACE YOUR CALL SIGN IN THE “COMPANY NAME” FIELD. 
  • Please ensure that you completely submit the transaction and receive acknowledgement from your chosen payment account type.  

Renewed memberships will be reflected in the periodically updated and emailed membership list sent to all members with their weekly email throughout the renewal period ending on March 31st.