Electronic Kits for fun and Radio related

There has been lots of discussion about “Kits”, learning to solder, improving our soldering skills etc. This is certainly a useful skill in the Amateur Radio hobby, whether building and antenna, repairing a power cable or building a useful device for your shack. We have added this section to provide some resources for kits, parts, tools to build the “work-bench” in your Ham Shack.

You will need to outfit your “Electronic Workbench” with a quality soldering iron/station with replaceable tip preferably multi sized/shaped tips, brass wool to clean the tip, rosin core solder ( I prefer the smallest diameter I can find) de-soldering wick, liquid rosin, small “nipper” type wire cutters, small pliers for bending, manipulating wire, tweezers for handling small components, a magnifying glass for inspecting small work.

The tool list could go much farther, I’ll allow folks to send me their “Ideal tool kit” ideas to expand this area, and will try to include options for purchasing a “Dream kit” or at least a Electronic repair “Go-Kit” for field repairs.

Please send us any/all Kit suppliers we could add to our above list, I’d like to create a comprehensive list for the beginner to expert involving our Radio hobby including supporting STEAAM and Scouting functions + Robotics and Radio Control?

A Nice Soldering tutorial https://www.aaroncake.net/electronics/solder.htm