Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution Preamble

We, the undersigned strive to secure the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio and call ourselves Gotahams, also known as, Get On The Air Hams of Upland, California.  We enact this constitution as our governing law. It shall be our purpose to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, work together on radio operating efficiency, and conduct club programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.


Article I


Section I All individuals interested in Amateur Radio and/or Emergency Communications are eligible for membership.

Section 2 Membership will not be denied because of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status or any other reason considered to be prejudicial or bias.

Article II


Section I Officers of the Gotahams will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor/Historian and Hospitality.

Section 2 Officers shall be elected for a term of two years by ballot of the members present, provided there is a quorum.

Section 3 President works with the Board to set clearly defined goals and objectives. He/She delegates tasks to Board members, committees and members to achieve those goals and objectives.

Section 4 Vice President clearly understands the role of the President and steps into the role of acting President when he/she is unavailable. He/She will step into the role of President at the completion of the two year term.

They are a team working closely together to achieve the goals of the club. 

Section 5 Secretary keeps record of attendance and proceedings of all club meetings and events. At the expiration of his/her term club property and documents are passed to the successor.

Section 6 Treasurer keeps an accurate account of all money received and paid out, pay club related bills. At the expiration of his/her term club property and documents are passed to the successor. 

Section 7 Editor/Historian prepares and edits club newsletter and keep records of club events.

Section 8 Hospitality organizes social events to promote the Gotahams events.

Section 9 Officers may be removed from office for cause including misappropriation of club funds or conduct detrimental to the club or Amateur Radio. Written petition of four or more members are presented to the President or Vice President.

After investigation, the petition will presented to the membership at the next regular meeting. Removal of an officer requires two-thirds vote of the membership present at the meeting.

Section 10 Following the withdrawal, vacancy or resignation of a Board member, the position will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board until the next scheduled Board election. All property of Gotahams should be returned to a Board member.

Article III

Club Call Sign

Section I The club maintains a club call sign as provided by FCC rules Part 97.

Club President assigns trusteeship of club call sign who is a member in good standing, meets FCC requirements and not had his/her Amateur Radio license revoked or sanctioned at any time.

Article IV

Membership Dues

Section I Dues Structure- Under 18 (21 with Student I.D.) with FCC license- Full Member-No Dues; $20 Full Member;

$30-Family (Spouse or Partner); $50-Silver Member;

$100-Gold Member; $250-Platinum Member;

$500-Sponsoring Member

Section 2 Silver, Gold and Platinum Members can request to focus their contribution, i.e. Field Day, Youth Education, Hospitality, Radio in the Park, Club Equipment etc.

Section 3 Annual Dues will be reduced to half-price July 1st.

Section 4 Dues paid during 2019, Gotahams Inaugural Year, dues are paid for 2020.

Formal call for dues will begin January 2021.

Article V

Dissolution of the Club

Section I Termination of Operations

If the Board of Directors vote the club be dissolved a motion for dissolution must pass by more than two thirds vote of the members present at the club meeting.

Section 2 Board of Directors handle the disbursement of all the assets of the club.

Section 3 No member of the club receives benefit from the assets.

Section 4 All equipment own by the club will be sold and the proceeds donated to a non-profit organization.

GOTAhams Constitution & ByLaws 3-23-2019, Last Revised 10-10-2019

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