Field Day Plans (proposal)

Field Day 2021 outline,

Planning is a wonderful thing, but it is merely a plan. Things will change, and those changes always seem to dictate final outcomes.

Our “Plan” is to assemble an antenna “farm” Friday evening, two vertically polarized multi-band antennas intended for our Digital stations. First is a Diamond CP6AR Multi-Band HF Antenna supported by Aluminum “Camo-Poles” that will feed a Yaesu FT-991A transceiver working FT8/FT4 with Station Captain Bruce Van Buskirk KM6WBI. The other Vertical is a 43-foot guyed Aluminum tube ground mounted, tuned with a Icom AH4 remote tuner Surrounded by a Counterpoise field length and number of counterpoises “To Be Determined” Initial Station Captain Ken Mixon KC6WOK.

Our Horizontal antennas intended for Voice (SSB) operation include a portable Tower with rotator and Tri-band beam antenna feeding a triplexer for 20,15,10 meters. Our 20 SSB meter station will be a Yaesu FT991 Station Captain Mark Arlotti KM6AHY. The Antenna tower will be employed as an end support for a multiband RadioWavz DX80 Off-center fed Windom horizontal wire antenna for 10 through 80 meters hung due north to the Motorhome area supported by a mast (To Be Determined) This antenna will serve a Flex Radio 6400M Station captain Jack Sklar KM6UNQ working SSB, Band TBD. Another wire antenna possibly a dipole or an End fed antenna?  Hung due south opposite the other tower supported antenna the south end support TBD. Our other SSB stations are all “Open for discussion” although they will have to work within bands that have available Band pass filters.

We do have a VHF/UHF station planned to work 6 Meters/2 meters/ 70 Cm using a 6 meter two element beam antenna, and a “E-antennas” dual band 2M/70CM beam allowing us FM simplex, and SSB on all three bands employing a Icom IC-7100 Transceiver Station captain Ken Mixon KC6WOK

GOTA Station operation will utilize a Icom IC-2730A using a Diamond Mobile antenna for 2m/70 FM Simplex Station Captain Kathi Mixon KD6CAF.

I believe this list allows us a 5A designator. Even with other folks showing up with stations, as long as we only transmit with 5 or less at any given moment is stays within our designator.

Each Station will be supplied a “Station Guide” including rules, band plan, designator sheet, call sign sheet, phonetic page, basically all stations will have the signage, rules, tape to outfit your “contest station” as it should be. Each Captain will be responsible for the items on their “checklist”

This is simply a guide, Plans change with Conditions and available resources, this is a “disaster preparedness drill” we will be testing our readiness skills, Plan for the best, prepare for the worst.

Things will change, items we believe we need will be forgotten, misplaced, lost. This group always shines when facing adversity, we know how to work together, depend on each other’s broad knowledge and skillsets. I am personally looking forward to a really great field day.

As with all pages on this site, it is a “living document” any changes, suggestions, criticisms are welcomed feel free to send your input to