Field Day Station Signs/Forms

We will be including checklists/punchlists here for use by Safety officer, Antenna team, Band Captains, operators, participants, visitors.

Basic Site Safety: Field Day Safety Checklist: 10 Safety Tips for Successful Field Day – OnAllBands

This is a list of useful Signs and forms for your “Contest” station whether “Field Day” or any other contest, several of these forms can be useful reminders during the heat of a contact. Simply download and print or edit some to make the specific to your shack/location/Call sign or section designator.

Contest Multipliers (

Section Abbreviations (

This Phonetic is for the GOTAhams “Club Call”, Simply use this as a suggestion/Pattern for your Call sign. A graphic reminder of your Call phonetics is quite useful when you are furiously trying to work a pile-up during a contest.