Roundtable Ham Net “WG6OTA”

Daily, *evenings at 8:00pm (PT)

Nightly Schedule & Topics

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Join the conversation with your fellow GOTAhams members. Our roundtable style Ham net is always sure to be fun and interesting to say the least. All licensed amateur radio operators (and their third party guests) are welcomed.

Net Control Coordinator Shaun Luciano, K6CT

WA6FZH repeater, located on Johnstone Peak, San Dimas, CA

Downlink: 446.40000

Uplink: 441.40000

Offset: -5.0 MHz

Uplink Tone: 103.5

Downlink Tone: 103.5

County: Los Angeles

Call: WA6FZH

Use: open

*Exception, there will be No Net the second Tuesday of each month due to our General Membership Meetings. (During this time of emergency protocol with physical separation in effect due to the out-brake of the Covid-19 virus, our General Membership Meetings are postponed. We will however meet through a Zoom Video Conference at 7pm.) To Join our monthly Zoom meetings, your email must be on file with our Secretary Kathi Mixon,

All FCC rules apply! Please be courteous and family friendly.

GOTAhams Net Control Operator Rotation

Net Coordinator/Alternate Control: Shaun Luciano, K6CT

Alternate Control: Edward Van Prooijen, W6ABW

Monday: Bruce Bolton, AG6YS

Tuesday: Jack Sklar, KM6UNQ

Wednesday: Vic Corella, KM6RWB

Thursday: Shaun Luciano, K6CT

Friday: Dave Wilke, K6EV

Saturday: Kathi Mixon, KD6CAF

Sunday: Mark Arlotti, KM6AHY