HAMs for Thanksgiving 2021

Kathi KD6CAF and Ken KC6WOK decided to spend the holiday at Bolsa Chica State beach with some other Ham Radio operators, Gordon West WB6NOA his Spouse Suzy N6GLF, Chip Margelli K7JA and his Wife Janet, KL7MF along with Josh Nass KI6NAZ (Ham Radio Crash Course) and his young sons, here is a video from our adventure. we are barely shown, but Kathi is sitting on the beach early in the video and I show up when Chip is changing the antenna.

Kathi KD6CAF and Ken KC6WOK proudly represent GOTAhams (with their tee shirts) in the following “HamNation” video at the 1 hour, 1 minute marker (1:01:00)

By The Way, Chip Margelli appeared on the tonight show with Jay Leno competing in a CW vs Texting speed test, Yes CW handily beat texting, below is the YouTube video: