I’m new, “What is Field Day”

We know many of you have never attended a ARRL.org “Field Day” event and have lots of questions, We’ll try to provide some answers her and hopefully generate some excitement for Ham Radio’s biggest party of the year! Lets start at the beginning, ARRL.org/FieldDay

ARRL Field Day

ARRL Field Day Video for 2021

That explains what the ARRL expects folks to do for “Field Day” but what do the GOTAhams do for Field Day? Let me explain, Field Day is planned and practiced for the entire year, Our “Radio in the Park” events are designed not just for emergency operations but for our Field Day PARTY! yep you read that right! We consider Field Day our Annual PARTY! Food, Fun, Family, Friends and Radio! Does it get any better than that? this is where you get to see lots of different equipment setup and working, different Modes of operation, Styles of operating and you can sit down, grab a microphone and “Get On The Air” (GOTA) with other experienced Hams and Learn or teach something and just have a great day in the park!

Here are a few photos of our past events: