Join GOTAhams for the 25th Annual QuartzFest in 2022!

Several GOTAhams Members/Officers have plans to attend the 25th Anniversary event at Quartzite Arizona!

Clicking on the image below will take you to the QuartzFest Website

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GOTAhams plans are to attend Quartzfest with two of our much talked about and promoted “GOTAhomes” class C motorhomes fully self-contained, so far our attendees will be Jack, KM6UNQ, Mark KM6AHY, Kathi KD6CAF, Ken KC6WOK. we have extended invitations to any ham that would like to attend, we have extra beds, plenty of food, drinks, water etc. you would only need your transportation, spare clothes and bedding or sleeping bag. your welcome to spend a day or the entire week? Quartzfest is certainly a “Bucket List” event in the Amateur Radio Hobby.

The following list was posted December 28th, They have done an Awesome job filling the schedule considering last was simply a campout with nearly no events due to Covid concerns.