Member’s Projects

The GOTAhams don’t just “Get On The Air”, they build things to help them and others Get On The Air. Here we share some of those projects.

Chris KM6S installs a NMO antenna mount in his Whip

KC6WOK’s Comments on Chris’ installation; Chris, Beautiful example of a NMO antenna mount, these sedans leave few options for optimum locations. A perfect location would be absolute center of the vehicle but headliner removal/re-install is complicated, coax runs through small pillars is not simple. Chris’ method is quick, allows for easy coax runs and leaves the option for a second antenna on the right side of the deck lid.

A side note; be cautious of where you install the Coax, Modern vehicles use multiple “Serial Bus” circuits within the wiring loom, this can lead to Cross talk and confuse any one of the many control modules in the Car. It is best to route antenna leads away from wiring looms where practical, otherwise you can cross the wiring at near 90 degrees. Also power leads for your transceivers should be run separately from the vehicles power system. Direct to the battery is preferred to avoid overloading the vehicle existing circuits and reducing charging system noise to the transceiver.

Well, That’s My two cents, just giving advice from my past mistakes, I’m hoping to help others avoid some costly mishaps. and as always, Got Questions? ask a GOTAham, if they don’t have the answer it’s likely they know a GOTAham that does. ’73 Ken KC6WOK