What is “Radio in the Park”

For those that have not been but are wondering “What is Radio in the Park”, it is basically practice for our annual “ARRL Field Day” and or Emergency communications during a disaster or major event.

We go to a public place, Park, Parking lot, campground etc. anywhere we may have to create an emergency communication station during an event. We set up a station which may consist of a VHF/UHF simplex station, or HF station possibly with digital capability, Emergency Power which might employ Solar panel charging, a generator, power from a vehicle, RV etc. we may use FT8, Winlink, APRS etc. this allows us to test different antenna configurations, radios, computers and test our own capabilities of managing our logistical skills under ideal conditions before an emergency.

It is NOT a requirement that you bring your own equipment, Most everyone is willing to the experience, insights, air time and comradery there is always an operating station, antenna, power system and canopy. we do recommend bringing something to drink, a chair, sunscreen etc. basically what you would typically bring to the park for several hours.

Recently we have incorporated Zoom Video Chat to share our events/meetings to include members that remain home bound due to health reasons or group exposure concerns.

GOTAhams uses this monthly event as an informal meeting/Social event inviting all hams to introduce our Club, get new hams “On The Air”, help program their radios etc. and introduce the general public to the Amateur Radio hobby and it’s value during emergencies or public events, Parades, Bicycle races, walks, Runs, Marathons and the like.