GOTAhams Amateur Radio Club was born on the idea of being a “radio-active” club.  One night a handful of friends came together with a mutual passion for ham radio to talk about what they’d like to see in a ham radio club. From that discussion, the “GOTAhams” radio club came together in three days. Ken and Kathi Mixon have an RV that quickly became the official “GOTAhome” mobile ham shack.  This consisted of many weekends meeting at San Dimas Canyon Park and setting up a mobile station.  We were happy, goofy, excited and ready to GET ON THE AIR and have fun!!!  From that point on we began sharing our experiences with other hams, friends and non-hams. 

The GOTAhome RV

Helping HAMs Get On The Air and keeping the Amateur Radio community “Radio Active”

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