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Amateur Radio owes it’s beginnings to early electronic “Do it Yourselfers” or “Makers” requiring Radio operators to build their own spark gap transmitters. The hobby never lost those roots as many of us still enjoy building QRP transceivers, code practice oscillators, antennas etc. etc. On this page I hope to include lots of references to tools, kits, and links to amateur radio related projects.

Lets start @ the ARRL, here are a few of their “DIY” links

Soldering: it all seems to start with Solder

Soldering becomes an essential skill for most repairs and nearly all kits. Please remember this is HOT and the fumes from solder and rosin can be toxic. Use caution, and work in a well ventilated area, lacking ventilation there are fume extractor/filters available for the “electronics workbench”. As the saying goes: if it smells like chicken, you’re holding the wrong end of the soldering iron! (c;

Click here for soldering basics

Tools: Proper tools always help with a proper job

  • Soldering iron or Soldering station
  • Solder, either Lead free or a lead/tin mix with Rosin core
  • wetted sponge or brass metal pad
  • small needle nose pliers and small wire cutters
  • tweezers/pics/probes
  • Solder wick (for de-soldering)
  • liquid rosin flux or flux pen
  • Helping Hands stand and/or circuit board positioner
  • Safety glasses
  • magnifying glass/flip hood/magnifying lamp
  • work light
  • If you have poor ventilation, a small bench fume extractor/filter can be built/bought

This is a list of basic tools, MANY additional items could be added if you are so inclined. I use Amazon for many of my purchases.

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