How do I join GOTAhams?

GOTAhams does not have an online application. We are not just a “Radio Club”, we consider ourselves a “Social Club” that is Radio Focused. We would like you to introduce yourself so that we can learn little about You, and you can figure out who we really are before making a commitment to our club’s “Family”.

Meet us on Facebook at “Adventures of GOTAhams” and/or “Adventures of the GOTAhome facebook Group”

Our secretary, Kathi KD6CAF GOTAhams Social Media manager will likely have a friendly exchange with you there and invite you to a general membership meeting or one of our field events and we’ll get to know each other. I really look forward to meeting you.

’73 Ken KC6WOK

Our Membership Badge
  • Membership dues are paid in person at our general membership meetings to our Treasurer, Jack Sklar.
  • All dues are annual and due after January 1st. Only half will be due after July 1st.
  • Membership dues will be on a sliding scale ability to pay.
  • Full Membership: $20 per person.
  • Family: $30 per couple
  • Silver Member: $50
  • Gold Member: $100
  • Platinum Member: $250
  • Sponsoring Member: $500+
  • Under 18 years of age or 21 with student I.D. with FCC license: No Dues

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