How do I join GOTAhams?

Ready to join our club and Get On The Air? We pride ourselves as being a social club that loves amateur radio. You can now select “type of membership” option and pay through PayPal. You can fill out a “Live” form or print and fill out our Membership Form mail it to the PO box shown on the form along with your check payable to GOTAHAMS. Or You can also deliver your Application, check or cash to any GOTAhams officer (preferably our Treasurer or Seceretary) at any GOTAhams function (Meeting, Radio in the park, etc.)

Mail to:
PO Box 1583
Chino, California 91708-1583

Follow the same process when renewing your membership.

GOTAhams does not share your personal information, we do add your name and callsign to our member list.

On behalf of our membership, the GOTAhams welcome YOU!

Your membership badge(s) can be mailed to your address or picked up at our general meetings or one of our events.

The amount of annual membership dues is as follows: 

  • Under 18, No Dues, non-voting membership
  • Students over 18 with Student I.D. and FCC License, No Dues.  Votes.
  • Individual Full Member, $20.  Votes
  • Family (Includes Spouse or Partner – both vote), $30. 
  • Silver Member (Includes Spouse or Partner – both vote), $50
  • Gold Member (Includes Spouse or Partner- both vote), $100
  • Platinum Member (Includes Spouse or Partner – both vote), $250
  • Sponsoring Member (Includes Spouse or Partner – both vote), $500+

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Sponsoring Members can request to focus their contribution in excess of $20 to specific purposes such as Field Day, Youth Education, Hospitality, Radio in the Park, Club Equipment etc. Just let our Treasurer know how to direct your contribution and Jack Sklar, KM6UNQ will allocate the funds and send you a receipt.

Don’t forget to check out our Constitution and By-Laws!

Article VI, Section 3: Annual membership term is from January 1st through December 31st of each year.
Article VI, Section 4: Formal call for dues will begin January 1st and to remain in good standing dues must be received by the Treasurer by March 31st.
Article VI, Section 5: Annual dues will be reduced to half-price for first-time members joining the Club from July 1st through December 31st of each year.

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