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Lots of folks have, want to or still operate CW on HF Frequencies. Many of us spend lots of time attempting to learn CW, both sending and receiving. When we’ve “gotten it” we’ll work to improve our “copying” speed and listen to HF bands hearing folks so fast we believe we’ll never understand what that guy is sending! Even some experienced operators don’t quite copy like they used to, lets look at some options for all of the above, our computers can give us a little help both receiving and sending. I have not tested most of these and I know many are “Trial” versions of paid software, some are public domain (freeware) you will have to evaluate each for its usability and whether it is worthy of your hard earned cash.

Best CW decoding software | QRZ Forums this is a question posted on QRZ about best CW decoders, There are several good responses and of course some less serious ones. Worth the read.

CW Decoder
by Grant Connell, WD6CNF
Screenshot collage for CW Decoder

CW Decoder (free) download Windows version (

CwGet v2.38

[Screenshot of CwGet PPC]

CW Decoder Logic by LY3H

Cw Decoder Logic
CW Decoder Logic

CW Skimmer (Paid Option)

MRP40 Morse Code Decoder (

Fldigi – Wikipedia

fldigi download |

Another “Paid” option is Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) this is a feature packed software far more than a CW decoder (limited CW decoding)