The Great Shakeout

The Great ShakeOut is an International earth quake drill, to practice and prepare for a earthquake. This takes place every year on the Third Thursday in October. This year it will be on October 19th.

California will start the drill at 10:19am KN6HHW will announce a simulated earthquake on the air. Practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”

At 10:20am a practice emergency net will begin on the WG6OTA repeater.

We will be doing this net in two parts. The first part will be check-ins on the repeater. After everyone has checked in we will switch to simplex frequency 146.58 MHz.  Net control will call each station in order to get a report of:

  1. How strong was the simulated quake felt on a scale of 1 to 10.
  2. Any simulated damage to report.
  3. Are you on normal or back-up power.

After we get the simulated earthquake reports, we will return to the repeater to hear how well each station heard the reports.



The event is finished.


Oct 19 2023