Leadership, Roles, Setup

The Success of GOTAhams Field Day is our People! We are not looking for experienced “Operators”, this group needs energetic TEAMmates, those teams need leaders and the leaders need good coordination. Lets look at a informal outline (hierarchy) of Responsibilities.

  • Field Day Chairperson: Ken (VP) KC6WOK
  • Band coordinator: Mark (Pres) KM6AHY
  • Safety Captain: Jack (treas.) KM6UNQ
  • Three Safety Monitors (under Jack)
  • Band Captains: Currently all open positions, Viewed as the most important position on our Field Day team!
  • Band operators and scribes working directly for a band captains (station Team members)
  • Event coordinator and team members (working with youth, Visitors, members)
  • Information volunteers (answering questions and handing out information/flyers)

Coming Soon, Checklists and expectations of each Role, remember, these are “Living Documents meant to be changed/adjusted to meet each circumstance.

Until then lets look at what the ARRL has for information, past and present:

Field Day Station Locator (arrl.org) type WG6OTA in the “search” window, replacing the “Newington Connecticut” address to see our Field Day location

Toward a Perfect Field Day (arrl.org)

A Field Day Just For Fun (arrl.org)

ARRL :: Field Day 2021 Swag