Amateur Extra Class Resources

We are trying to supply some study resources for the Amateur Extra Class License Manual. this is a “Living” document (pages) that will grow with us and our readers. Feel free to send us ANY information you believe useful for this section as we will continue our search for anything useful here.

My personal thoughts on Upgrading to “Extra” in this “Amateur” hobby is kinda’ like going from a driving “Learners Permit” at Technician then getting a Drivers License and soloing, You probably expect me to continue on to “Commercial Driver”? NO, the step into extra if you have truly done the work to understand the mechanics and engineering within this “Hobby” well that step is to automotive engineer!

My journey through the License Manual, a class for upgrade and just some quick scanning through supporting books and Many, Many YouTube videos on subject, I have learned SO much and realized how much I truly need and want to learn.

Extra is truly the meat and potatoes of Amateur Radio, I know folks say “You get extra HF privileges” well what you’ll really get is a much better understanding of our amazing hobby, Bragging rights of “Extra” and the option to be a full “Volunteer Examiner” to help test those Amateurs that You may have Elmered into or upgraded through this journey.

’73 and enjoy this journey, Ken KC6WOK