Sample Field Day Reminder List

Site layout plan in advance.  Maximize antenna separation.  Safe walking areas.
Cable-crossing-walkway protections.  (Arrange to minimize # of these spots).
Power sources/fuel/etc.  Mains extension cords and protection.
Pop-up canopy preferably with two side covers (for shade and/or wind protection)  Protect operators from angled sun.
Hold down stakes & weights with tie-down straps
Tables & Chairs –  LOTS
Grounding rod, cable, buss bar, jumpers
Power system, battery, charger, solar, distribution etc. Low and High voltage.   Mains power kept dry.
Transceivers, with spare fuses, manual/documentation, microphone (keys/paddles etc. for CW stations), power cables
Documentation/Manuals for all station equipment
Antenna tuner and any control cables/interfaces needed.  
Coax, from antenna, Jumpers, Dummy load, SWR/Power meter
Band pass filter(s) per HF band operating. Multiples if multiple radios on single band.
Headsets, headset amp/distribution
Laptop for Digital modes and/or Logging. Power sources and interface cables to radios.  Consider sun shades for screens.
Paper log books where appropriate.
Operator training materials reminding of class, section nomenclature and ‘exchange’.
Operating schedule as desired per station.
Paper, pens, markers, highlighters
Clock, possibly two (One set to UTC time for logging)
Information board (list and photo to come)
Basic tools, zip ties, ratchet straps, bungees, tape (Duct, painters, gaffers)
Basic first aid kit, hand Sanitizer, extra face masks, sunscreen, insect repellent
Lighting for night work
Cooler with ice, water, drinks, snacks? etc.
Basic Tools and repair parts, wire, connectors, etc.
Guy ropes, stakes, etc. for any masts.  Mindful of restrictions on ‘digging’ in park.
Sprinkerls OFF overnight., Restrooms OPEN overnight.
Safety keep out zones, stakes and safety tape – reflective.
Activities for Kids, fun and educational. Snap Circuits, puzzles, kits.
Parking and unloading plan
Information Table Supplies for public and/or radio-interested visitors.
Club Information and membership info
Copies of any park permits, etc.