Sell or Swap Radio Equipment

After the Passing of Mike Horgan KN6ENV/SK, GOTAhams has been tasked with liquidating his Amateur Radio/Electronics assets to benefit Sherry Horgan, Mikes widow

Disclaimer: GOTAhams do not receive any moneys or benefit from private sales conducted through this website page “Sell or Swap Radio Equipment”. All sales are final and under the discretion of the seller. GOTAhams are not responsible for any part of the transaction, equipment or service etc.

We will list Retail Values that we could find on the items. We would like everyone to have a fair chance to make offers for the items, beginning offers should be 50% of the retail or higher as we list them. members or guests can make offers, We will show the high offer and allow it to be re-offered (bid-up). there will be a time limit (to be determined) All the funds collected will go directly to Mike’s Wife Sherry.

For inquiries and bidding Contact us HERE or email

SOLD Alinco DM-430T 30 amp power supply $139 retail initial Asking price $90

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MegaLoop MLA-30 Active Loop Receiving antenna Amazon price $52.99 initial asking price $30.00
SOTA Beams WSPRlite transmitter DXengineering Price $93.99 initial asking price $75.00
Inductance/Capacitance Meter LC 200A (Generic w/power supply) ebay price $33.56 initial asking price $20.00
ADS 5012H Oscilloscope w/case Amazon $83.99 initial asking price $50.00
Four State QRP Group ( Cricket 40 QRP transceiver kit (Assembled) Retail $33.50 +shpg initial asking price $17.00
MFJ-1625 Balcony antenna, Whip only. Unfortunately the tuner is missing You will need a manual type tuner with open wire connection capability. Retail for complete system $239.00 without tuner initial asking price $35.00
MorseDuino Kit, Lots of info on a web search Retail $49.00 initial asking price $25.00
Powerwerx heat shrink tubing kit retail $16.99 initial asking price $8.50

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From your CB days! Initial asking price $10.00
Weller low voltage soldering iron initial asking price $5.00
Lenk 25 watt soldering iron, initial Asking price $7.50
Arduino expansion kit (arduino NOT included) initial asking price $5.00

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