Join us for our GOTAhams monthly simplex Net

Wednesday September 28 at 7PM – 146.580MHz

September 28th:  Monthly Simplex net hosted by Erik KN6NRQ on 146.580MHz.  A great way to explore the reach of your 2 meter equipment without benefit of repeater, both receiving and transmitting. Bring a pad of paper and record signal reports for all you hear. Erik will collect and collate these.  Use this scale for your reports:

1=Nothing at all heard, not even noise or hiss suggesting a specific signal is present.

2=It was apparent that a signal was present but communication is impossible even with reasonable re-tries.

3=Communication possible with noise and possibly some re-tries to cover drop outs.

4=Good communication though with some noise or other artifacts, but generally solid copy.

5=Solid copy, little or no noise, full or nearly full quieting.

Be patient during silences as there will probably be participants you cannot hear and net control is likely communicating with those stations during silences.

GOTAhams “Elmering in the Park”

October 1st 2022 at San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park 512 Sycamore Canyon Rd. San Dimas, CA 91773 10:00 am to 3:pm

This Saturday, October 1st at 10AM-3PM at San Dimas Canyon Regional Park, Tim N6DLC and Ken KC6WOK are conducting a hands-on Elmering-At-The-Park activity wherein you’ll have a chance to assemble and solder some simple PC boards. You’ll gain some soldering practice as well as learning to identify some basic components. Please contact Tim at:  TIM@WNBNET.NET to make a kit reservation and obtain priority fo the kit type you prefer.  A donation of about $10 is requested (at the park is fine) to offset some of the materials cost. Tools and guidance will be provided.     And of course, we encourage you to bring and set up your radios and antennas!  Depending on who else is where, we are typically among the shade trees alongside the large linear parking lot that parallels North San Dimas Canyon Road as it heads North-East.  Look for antennas in roughly the area circled below!

GOTAhams monthly general Meeting September 13 7:00 PM

GOTAhams ARC, invites all members, Guests and anyone interested in Amateur Radio to our Monthly “Hybrid” style, (in-person and at Casa Jimenez Restaurant 921 W. Foothill Blvd Claremont

Yes we are returning to our regular Hybrid format! We are expecting a great presentation on Radio Teletype (RTTY) by member and Club Vice President Dan Jones, K6YIC. (please be aware and understand that Dan has a chaotic schedule trying to keep transportation running in Los Angeles and things can change quickly, we will adjust accordingly)

If you plan on dining with and meeting other GOTAhams in person, please come early, (6:00 PM) to order food and drinks, enjoy your meal and visit with other attendees prior to the 7:00 PM meeting so we can focus on the agenda without distractions from the restaurant audience. If you are a guest, and would like an invitation with a “” link, simply email the club secretary at

Casa Jimenez

921 W Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711

Celebration of Life:

Kathi Mixon KD6CAF(SK)


Saturday August 20th 10AM-3PM Las Flores Park, La Verne 3175 Bolling Avenue Probably the South-East Corner of the Park


Lionel the Lizard L6ZRD says:  Come to the park, bring some food, celebrate with your GOTAhams Friends and Kathi’s Family and, as Kathi often said, bring those radios and GET ON THE AIR!


We suggest STRONGLY that members who are able to bring a table, do so.  There is some shade but some popups to cover operating positions would not be amiss.  We can set up the number we need.  EVERYONE should bring a chair, hat and probably some sunscreen.  The club will supply paper plates, utensils, napkins and Kathi’s family (Ken Mixon KC6WOK, daughter Misti, son Robert and grandchildren Dakota, Sullen and Presley) are bringing some beverages and classic fruit salad, as well as some wonderful decorations.   At this time, we are not running a sign-up sheet for potluck items – bring something that you believe others will enjoy and what is fun.  There are very limited cooking facilities (only the park supplied charcoal grills if available). Park rules prevent other flames or fires. Let’s make this one to remember! 

BE THERE!  HAVE FUN!  Please take photos / videos and share with the club.(

GOTAhams monthly Meeting will be held Virtually (Zoom) only

Tuesday August 9th 7:00 PM on Zoom video chat

Club members will receive a zoom meeting invitation a day or two ahead of the meeting.  For this one month, NO gathering at Casa Jimenez Restaurant is anticipated.  We are expecting a great presentation on Radio Teletype (RTTY) by member and Club Vice President Dan Jones, K6YIC.

For Guests and anyone interested in attending and would like an invitation with a “” link, simply email the club secretary at

Join GOTAhams for our monthly “Radio in the Park”

Saturday August 20th 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Los Flores Park La Verne CA

Meet up with other Hams, Get On The Air, enjoy some sunshine at Los Flores Park La Verne CA We meet near the south section of the park near 8th street and Bolling Ave.

Folks bring their HF radios, portable power systems, Antennas and attempt contacts all over the country/world from a local park practicing their EmComm Skills and enjoying the company of other Hams! We look forward to seeing everyone there, all interested parties are welcomed, no need to be licensed, or a club member, we look forward to sharing the hobby with anyone interested and welcome any/all questions!

Elmering in the Park at Larkin Park Claremont

August 6th, 2022, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Larkin Park Harrison and Mountain Ave Claremont CA.

As GOTAhams continues their mentoring (elmering) mission, we will be extending our look into Coax, Coax/feedline terminating (installing ends) simple methods of testing feedlines etc.

Attendees will be introduced to the crimping tools, their use, best practice soldering techniques and completing the assemblies with heat shrink tubing.

Attendees (members and guests) will gain hands on experience comparing several popular types of coaxial cable (see and touch examples).  Members who make a modest materials donation will be coached as they make a 3-foot jumper cable with crimp/solder PL-259 connectors using either RG8X or LMR400 class coax.

Many of you are familiar with these methods and others will be introduced possibly for the first time.  As always, we’ll be socializing, snacking and having a great time, we are looking forward to seeing lots of smiling faces and discussing Amateur Radio!

VE testing at Brackett field returns, July 30, 2022, 1:00 PM

GOTAhams is delighted to be sponsoring Frank Westphal’s team of ARRL-VEC examiners in resuming monthly in-person testing. Tests will be held on the LAST Saturday of each month at 1PM in the Pilots Lounge of the Brackett Field airport in La Verne (map below). Walk-ins are allowed, but you are strongly encouraged to contact Frank at 909-257-7205 in advance. Please leave a message with your contact information and indicate which license level(s) you are pursuing. Please bring $15.00 for the A.R.R.L. VEC 2022 exam fee. ($5 if under 18). Payment must be cash or check – no credit cards or electronic payment methods. Also, please review the ‘preparation’ link below to ensure that you have completed the other required preparations for a successful test. You MUST bring an FCC FRN number to the test event – contact us if you need help with creating this on the FCC website. Successful candidates will be contacted by the FCC for payment of any additional fees due before issuance of the license. For 2022, tests will be conducted starting on July 30th and will continue each month thru November on the last Saturday of each month. There is no test at the end of December due to the holiday season.
GOTAhams is grateful to Frank and his team for their commitment to continue this long-standing
volunteer effort, having conducted hundreds of prior exam sessions. Contact: Mr. Frank C. Westphal at 909-257-7205 or K6FW@ARRL.NET
Time: Last Saturday Every Month, 1PM
Preparation: Please review this page:
Exam Fee (collected at test): $15.00 ($5.00 if under 18).
Information on FCC License Fees (NOT collected at test):
Map and Directions:
The pilot’s lounge is located in the terminal building also housing Norms Hanger Coffee Shop. Enter the front entrance and turn to the left just after the gift shop. The meeting room where the exams are held are one door down on the left.

Brackett field la Verne Click for directions