New Nightly “Net” Frequency 449.160- (77.0)

We have established a relationship with the repeater owner/control op of the AE6TV 446.160 on Sunset ridge.

Hans Ehlert AE6TV has graciously offered us time on his repeater to host our nightly “Round Table”, we have been granted limited access to unlink the repeater from it’s Alaskan counterpart for the duration of our net.

Regular Net operation will begin at 8:00 PM (net announcement at 7:55 PM) 3/1/2021 and continue nightly on 449.160 tone of 77.0. The repeater also generates an outgoing tone of 77.0 allowing us to set our radios to “Tone Squelch” and cutting out any intermodulation.

Any questions can be directed to

Our Net Repeater WA6FZH is Experiencing Technical Issues

As of March 28, 2021 we have noticed that our Net repeater WA6FZH is down, cause unknown. As a temp alternative we may use the N6USO repeater 145.440 -(136.5) at 8:00pm PT if we are still experiencing outage at time of Net. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Update, N6USO repeater is not working well. We will meet on our Club Zoom video chat. Members, please check your email for a link to our meeting I.D. and Passcode. Contact Mark at for link info. Please leave your name and call sign.