The Great ShakeOut 2021 @ 145.600 (alternate 146.580) Simplex

Our 2021 Great ShakeOut Event plan is to have folks “Check-in” on an open Simplex frequency from whatever location they are at, home, an EOC facility, a mock evacuation center in a park etc. We will identify and record each station and go through a round table style reporting from each station for First, Second and Third reports as described below. In the event of a “Busy Frequency” or other issues please move to our alternate frequency of 146.580.

Pre event: Do a regular “check-in” establishing your ability to communicate “simplex” with Base Command. Command will enter your Call sign, QTH location (if different from QRZ registration) and assign a station number.

During the event any EOC station will always get priority over home stations, established “evacuation centers” will also have higher priority and may be assigned a direct contact frequency or method to their nearest EOC.

During the shakeout event (as you “drop cover hold-on”) use your radio such as walkie talkie, mobile/base etc. to contact your local control operator.

First report: (“mock report”) During the event is how you felt the shaking Examples are: Rolling, up and down and intensity.

Second report: Post event, any damage such as obvious structural, items falling off shelves’ furniture knocked over etc.

Third report: Any outside (Neighborhood) damage including downed power transmission lines, trees, damage vehicles or roadways.

Reporting: Go ahead have fun with it! Make up any damage you like, from total destruction of your dwelling to no damage at all! (it’s a test) Net control will continually report “This is only a drill”, Those that have little to no damage may report availability to assist others with major damage. We are hoping to have lots of fun with this. We’ll make up final report and post it on the website.

Disclaimer: This is our first attempt at this type of scenario, we will certainly make mistakes, let’s help each other through this (including correcting my entries on the website) constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

’73 Ken KC6WOK

Follow Up: 10/20/2021: Kathi KD6CAF and I spent the better part of the day on a “site visit” attempting to determine if our choices for a Net Control “Base” locations were suitable for our planned operation. Our first choice was certainly high elevation at 5400 feet but appeared to be very shaded from our target sites. We moved west on Glendora Ridge Road all the way to the entrance of the Research Station at the Experimental Forrest, we did some testing with George Cox WB6OEB, He could easily hear us but we did not hear his response this may have been a misconfiguration on George’s base radio. we did some more exploring and finally settled on a site along Glendora Mountain Road allowing great visuals of South Hills, the 57 Freeway, Puddingstone Reservoir and the Corona Riverside area. this is very near the Johnstone Peak area setting it just over 3000 feet. It is also far closer to our QTH only minutes away. All this being said, it is the location we will work from on the morning of 10/21/2021 for our “Great Shake Out” Command center. We believe it is our best option for a successful “OP” and with good visuals should easily hear anyone in “Line Of Site”. Kathi and I are really looking forward to hearing any of our Radio community that are willing to check in. We will make regular calls for “check-ins for the Great Shake Out” as soon as we get our station On The Air, targeting 9:30 AM allowing time for some “Rag Chewing” if we are talking please “Break In” to get yourself on our Roster! We look forward to seeing you all On the Air.

We will have our phones and our laptops ready to receive calls, texts and emails if you are having trouble contacting us.

Final Report: “How did things go”

Kathi KD6CAF operated Net Control for our Mock Command Base. She took roll, Dave K6EV was instrumental in relaying some weak stations and giving us an early heads up about the Low Audio from our Base. We quickly corrected our audio issues by employing Kathi’s Heil Pro7 Headset. We were Joined at our Glendora Mt. Road station by Dave Wood W6OOD and his ABC7 remote news van. Kathi registered many operators checking in from home and work. The roster follows:

  • K6EV Dave (reports: Sever Rolling Motion possibly a magnitude 7)
  • KN6HSW Maribel (reports: Car Alarms going off)
  • KM6CEM Charles (reports: Slight Jolt, Family OK, No outside damage)
  • WB6OEB George (reports: magnitude 7.5 “All my antennas still standing”)
  • KM6EIC Craig (repots: barely felt, No damage)
  • KN6NRQ Erik (reports: Rolling motion at San Dimas Palmas triad)
  • K6LRY Lori (repots: Strong Rolling motion magnitude 6 or 7)
  • W6OOD Dave (reports: Things falling off the shelf)
  • K6FS Grace (no follow-up report)
  • KN6PED (reports: Shaking Little to no damage)
  • KK6YJM Marita Relayed by K6EV (reports: no damage)
  • KK6SMD Mark Chung, Cerritos, (reports: mild rolling, no problems calm)
  • KR6JK Jim Kesterson, (reports: not much happening)
  • KM6UNQ Jack, (reports: Sharp Jolt magnitude 5.5)
  • Operator from Cal State Dominguez Hills reports total collapse of bridge over 405 Fwy near the college, facility partially evacuated
  • AG6YS Bruce was a cellular call-in (reports: no noticeable damage at his location, felt a rolling magnitude 7.5 was not near home qth is unsure of status)

This was 15+ reporting stations not including myself and Kathi. Our set-up time was under 15 minutes and on-air time of about 1 1/4 hours. Our station included solar charging and was powered entirely by battery including powering the radio, laptop and phone charging etc. I believe it was a great success and would like to Thank Maribel KN6HSW for encouraging us to be active registered participants in this years Great Shake Out. Kathi and I would like to also Thank all operators who participated in today’s exercise.